Cindy Kaiying Lin

Hello, this is a respository of my media
explorations and artwork.  I am primarily a writer and critical computing researcher, and manifest some work in formats listed here.

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#KARHUTLA is a data collection project that examines the language from citizens and law enforcement around annual forest and peat fires in Indonesia. Specifically, the project mines for twitter content collected during the fire season (june - sept), and asks whether or not we can use uploaded photos, tweets, and videos to offer a more naunced and embodied experience of fire smoke toxicity, heat, haze, and exhaustion.

From Sept 1, 2019 to Sept 30, 2019, using code I wrote, I attempted to collect every tweet that mentioned karhutla (forest and land fires), gambut (peat), asap (smoke). The collection process is still ongoing, and will recur this year. I then filtered down the data collected to focus on South Sumatra, a region which experienced the worst peat fires and haze in 2015.

I ran a variety of language analyses on the content to derive sentiment from filtered tweets. I then verified these results with the daily updated hotspot fire catalog developed by Indonesia’s National Remote Sensing Agency.

I plan to use my content analysis to edit a series of political statements released by Presidents and ministerial officers from Southeast Asia.

Inspired by Roopa Vasudevan’s #bellwether and Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain’s The Intergovernmental Panel on Capitalism.

Oct 31 2019

Trump Stress Ball

Producing a series of interactive pieces in p5.js to relieve stress

First Trail in June 2020
June 27 2020


SENS is a digital magazine founded by artist and anthropologist Mary Pena and myself. Interviews and artwork will be displayed in the format of an online exhibition.

Our special collection, Subversive Visualities, assembles an array of interviews and multimedia projects that decenter, unsettle, and redirect Western paradigms of vision by artists and scholar working with images.

Jan 01 2021

An interview with artist and writer, Ho Rui An

Clustering Difference

Derived from a chapter of my dissertation, this zine features the genealogy of difference in cluster anaylsis, from anthropological understandings of cultural relationships in 1932 to its present form as a machine learning technique used widely across medicine, climate science, policing, and finance.

Release in Aug 2021
Aug 01 2021


A data science experiment with Indonesian and IBM developers on how to cluster fire hotspots in Indonesia

Database Design, Streaming Society

An graphical exploration into how database design has shifted with the rise of streaming platforms. It features how master and slave nodes have shifted in position and hierarchy, and explores how social relations are embedded within database design.

More on politics of Master/Slave in programming 

Release in late 2020
Dec 01 2020

Image credit to Labview Wiki